What our clients say

"I would be glad to work with you guys again in the future as you both did an excellent and professional job."

“John facilitated as an expert engineer for BP Azerbaijan on a FMECA for the new application of an Annular Safety Valve in the gas-lifted wells offshore in the Caspian. The project went on to become a success for BP.”

“John's knowledge and diligent application of the Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis enabled me to identify key design weaknesses in new oilwell technology and avoid costly failures.”

“Proneta is an industry leader in reliability analysis. My experience with John has been in the area of intelligent completions and the application of reliability evaluation techniques that were developed in the aerospace industry. Proneta brings together subject matter experts to facilitate reliability analysis of complex systems.


This analysis identifies where priorities should be focused to improve reliability. I highly recommend that all complex completion systems are subjected to the comprehensive and systematic analytical techniques offered by Proneta, especially when new technology is being deployed for the first time. Ideally this analysis should be conducted during design phase of the new technology so potential weakness discovered during analysis can be addressed with modifications to the design or testing program.”


"You remain the "gold standard" of FMEA stewardship. I'm always amazed at your ability to see through the complexity and add focus to the root cause of an issue; particularly when you're not intimately familiar with the products."

“John performed FMECA workshops and Risk Mitigation Analysis study for future Intelligent Completions in long ERD wells for high profile Arctic Platform project (Sakhalin Island) operated by ExxonMobil. Study recommendations were implemented in 2010 for longest MD Intelligent Completion installation in single ERD well drilled from onshore location and resulted in 100% successful completion.”


“The study that John completed for our company was very important to evaluate the risks for the installation of smart completion in one of our fields. The work was excellent and very detailed and allowed us to mitigate the main risks involved in installing this technology.”

"On behalf of myself and the SPE, I would like to thank you for speaking last night. Feedback on your presentation was extremely positive and contributed to a very interesting evening. You got a few people thinking."

Other operators

"John is a skilled and patient facilitator, and an expert in FMEA/FMECA techniques across a broad range of fields.  He is fun to work with, and one of natures true gentlemen.  He has strong interpersonal skills, and fits in well from the shop floor to the boardroom. I have worked with him on several projects, and can recommend him without reservation."

"[We] had a PT review from an external team including the Chief PT … and a team of experts/experienced PTs from the … Group. They were extremely impressed with the QRA work and specifically the depth and the rigour which has gone into it. This is a big pat on the back for the work you've done for us."

"Many thanks to the analysis team for following the systematic reliability engineering approach with support from Smart Fields and Proneta. Well done for the excellent detailed evaluation work on the Intelligent Water Injector Completion Concept selection as presented today."


"The team appreciates the great work you did on this FMECA and the results are proving very useful to help understand the multizone completion option going forward.

"I thought that the FMECA really shined some light on the project uncertainties.  Addressing these issues will go a long way to selecting the best solution.

"Enjoyed the workshop, well supported and facilitated. Well worth the time and a methodology we can utilise on aspects of . . ."

Other contractors

"We look forward to working with you in the future and found the process of real value."

"It's good that you are keeping busy, not everyone can say that in this market. That says a lot about the quality of your work!"

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