This is a short-list of technical papers published by Proneta in conjunction with major operators, mainly at SPE international conferences.


Reliability analysis of permanent downhole monitoring systems;  Stan van Gisbergen & Tony vanderWeijer, Shell IEP BV; SPE Offshore Technology Conference.

​An Analysis Technique for Optimising Reliability in System Design; John A Hother / Proneta ltd; SPE 56436; SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition held in Houston, Texas.

Analysis & Optimization of Intelligent Wells System Design for High Reliability; John A Hother, Proneta ltd;  Terry Bussear, Baker Oil Tools; OTC 13033; Offshore Technology Conference held in Houston, Texas.


Life-Cycle Analysis & Optimization of Intelligent Well Systems for High Reliability, John A Hother, Proneta ltd; SPE 77630; Annual Technical Conference held in San Antonio, Texas.

Evaluation of Smart Well Technology for the Rosetta Phase II Development; G. Mulder et al, Shell International Exploration & Production BV, and M. Toubar et al, Rashid Petroleum Company; Offshore Mediterranean Conference, Ravenna, Italy.

Quantifying Risks of Well Intervention, Oil Deferment and Loss of Reserves in Complex Smart Wells; John Hother / Proneta ltd; Hans van Dongen and Steve Braithwaite / Shell International Exploration and Production BV; OTC 15318; Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas.

Risk Minimization by the use of Failure Mode Analysis in the Qualification of New Technology;  SPE 96335;  John Hother of Proneta and Brian Hebert of BP; SPE Annual Technology Conference, Dallas.

Using Reliability Risk Analysis to Optimise Intelligent Well Architecture; Terry Bussear, Baker Oil Tools, and John Hother, Proneta Ltd; Multilaterals, Intelligent Completions and Expandables Forum, Woodlands, Houston, Texas.

Expandable Reservoir Completion (ERC) FMECA (Failure Modes, Effects and Criticalities Analysis);  John Hother, Proneta; Paul Newberry, BP Sunbury;  John Gilchrist, BP Azerbaijan;  Annabel Green, Weatherford;  Paul Day, Petrowell  Expandable Technology Forum (ETF) Presentation in Houston


Using Modular ‘Plug-and-Play’ Failure Mode Analysis (FMECA) to Minimize the Risk of Failure of Complex Intelligent Completions; submitted for SPE Annual Technical Conference, Anaheim; John Hother, Proneta; Mark Barrilleaux, BP EPTG Houston; Darrell Wood, BP EPTG Aberdeen; John Gilchrist, BP Baku

Comparative Assessment of Options for Intelligent Well Completion using Quantitative Risk Analysis Methods; submitted for SPE Annual Technical Conference (ATCE) Anaheim; John Hother, Proneta (UK); John Carminati, Sakhalin Energy; Steve Braithwaite, Shell International Exploration and Production

Applying Sand Management Process on the Lunskoye High Gas-Rate Platform using Quantitative Risk Assessment; SPE 112099; SPE Intelligent Energy Conference, Amsterdam; M.C. Gunningham, SPE, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company, M.A. Addis, SPE, Shell International Exploration & Production, Netherlands, J.A. Hother, SPE, Proneta U.K.

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