Completed Projects

Baker hydraulic InForce DHFC equipment

Baker Neptune Safety Valve

Petrowell Annular Safety Valve (ASV)

Petrowell Annular Zonal Isolation (AZI/CZI) System

Generic DHFC Completion

Halliburton IRIA Formation Isolation System

Halliburton DepthStar TRSV Safety Valve

BJ-Services Multi-Zone Single-Trip Gravel-Pack System (MST)

Baker Direct-Pak and service tools

Baker Teleperf expandable sand control system

Schlumberger Formation Isolation System (AFIV &  FIV)

Schlumberger Anti-Swab Service Tool (ASST) - 4" &  6"

Weatherford 7-inch Expandable Sand Screens and service tools

WellDynamics hydraulic DHFC completion


Azerbaijan DHFC completions


Sakhalin DHFC completions


Fibre-Optic Sensor systems


6-5/8”Casing Swivel

9-5/8”Casing Swivel

WellDynamics Permanent Downhole Gauges

Middle East CO2 injection smart-well drilling and completion design – Baker & WellDynamics

North Sea smart well completion – injector &  producer – Schlumberger & WellDynamics

Egypt drilling and smart gas well completion

Sakhalin Lunskoye sand management on high-rate gas platform

Sakhalin Piltun smart injection well completion designs (Schlumberger & WellDynamics)

Gulf of Mexico spider drilling and smart well completion

InCharge all-electric DHFC completion and equipment

Sub-surface deep-set safety valve

Indonesia DHFC completion (WellDynamics, Baker Hughes, Halliburton, FMC, MI Swaco)

Tie-Back Connector (Plexus)


Angola completions




North Sea DHFC Completion

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