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About Proneta's team

Proneta provides the services of a professional team covering engineering, science and technology, technical marketing, and commercial management. They are well qualified, highly professional staff whose experience combines a strong 'hands-on' involvement in science and technology projects with substantial responsibility in senior roles in industry and government agencies. They can see the big picture, and they can communicate effectively with authority and mutual respect at all levels of our clients' organisations.


Our methods are based on real-life engineering experience, not merely academic concepts. In our varied engineering careers we have had the good fortune to be deeply involved in the design of many demanding and inspirational programmes.

These give us the breadth and depth of experience upon which we have built our reputation for excellence.

High-integrity systems figure strongly in our history, for example:

Radiotherapy - potentially lethal machines that provide life-extending treatment for cancer.

Electronic surveillance - protecting national security against determined and sophisticated military threats.

Resilient communications - real-time comuters that form the heart of a battleship's information system and can survive the extreme and hazardous environment of warfare.

Spacecraft - onboard navigation instruments that deliver unquestioned reliability despite the tortuous environments of launch, orbit and deep space.

Energy optimisation - distributed computer control systems that control every aspect of a large commercial building to provide the perfect working environment with the minimum energy input - for a greener (and more profitable!) future.

Proneta works with oil operators and contractors, aerospace companies, and research organisations, in the UK, Europe and North America and is a contractor to the European Space Agency and the European Commission.

Proneta also contributes actively to the SPE Continuing Education programme, providing tutorials for professional engineers in the industry.

HRH Prince Philip chatting with John Hother
during his visit to Proneta's offices in Brighton

Our people
John Hother, BSc(Eng) MIEE SPE CEng - Reliability Risk Analysis

John.Hother@gmail.com : Phone: +44 (0) 7968 726 779

Barry Jones BSc, PhD, Minst - Software Systems

John has specialised in real-time systems design for applications requiring high reliability, with MEL / Philips (defense and aerospace), ITT (commercial telecomms computers), and Holec (energy management).

Barry has worked in industrial R&D with Philips Research, MEL, Thorn-EMI and Racal, recently as Operations Director and Product Support Director, specialising in engineering management systems and project management.

Mike Robinson - Oil Industry Production Technology Management

Mike has worked in the international oil industry for 26 years. With Shell International he was involved with oil production, well engineering and production technology. He was then Director of Production Technology with WellDynamics (a Shell/Halliburton joint venture) and then a Director of Energy Development Partners before becoming an adviser to the Proneta team, specialising in implementing and funding major energy related projects.

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