​Our specialities
  • Failure Mode Effects and Criticalities Analysis  (FMECA)

  • Quantitative Risk Assessment  (QRA)

  • Root Cause Analysis  (RCA)

  • Reversionary Mode Analysis  (RMA)


Proneta provides study preparation, facilitation, analysis and reporting.


Key applications are:

  • business  case development

  • design optimisation

  • qualification & vendor pre-selection

  • reliability improvement

  • stepping beyond conflict.

Why use Proneta to facilitate processes such as QRA, FMECA, or RCA?
  1. Our independence allows us to stand back, take a purely systematic approach and not get side-tracked.

  2. Our experience with QRA, FMECA and RCA gives us a powerful, tried-and-tested systematic method, which includes ensuring that the essential preparation is done before launching into expensive and time-consuming workshops.

  3. When we are commissioned to get it done, that's what happens - it gets done and finished - whereas, even with the best will in the world, doing it entirely in-house can get delayed by more urgent things turning up.

  4. We document the whole project properly, through all its stages, finishing with reporting that is focused on the clients’ needs.  This usually means both ‘quick-and-dirty’ reporting to feed immediately into related engineering processes, and subsequently a full technical report with a clear, succinct summary, plus a full explanation of the analysis with all the supporting information collected in one place, which can be re-visited if necessary at a later date and still make sense.

Proneta has for the last 10 years specialised in reliability analysis for upstream projects: subsurface, subsea, and platforms. Our main thrust is to use a systems approach, and we have developed a number of new techniques to support that.  We have also pushed strongly the concept of using the whole 'life-cycle' as a primary driver in structuring such analyses.  These developments were well received, and subsequently published in a number of SPE papers written jointly with our customers, who are all the major operators, and their major suppliers, plus papers at World Oil and IQPC conferences around the world.

We have also developed ways of combining the processes and the equipment in the same analysis, in order to respect the crucial inter-dependence of these two aspects.  We put a strong emphasis on the use of functional requirements as a key driver in the analysis.

The output is suitable for feeding directly into Detailed Design Review (DDR) and System Integration Testing (SIT), to ensure that the action points are implemented effectively.

We have also developed a powerful Root Cause Analysis (RCA) technique based on the principles of FMECA, which has been used very successfully in GoM - that too was published with BP through the SPE.

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