Reliability risk analysis for upstream oil and gas projects

Proneta is an independent consulting engineering company focused on developing new applications for aerospace, and defence technology in the oil & gas industry.

We specialise in proactive technology transfer. For us, this encompasses both technology in the traditional sense - for example, imaging sensors - and engineering processes characterised as 'best practice' - for example, reliability and/or risk analysis, design review, and requirement specification.


Proneta provides the services of a professional team covering engineering, science and technology, technical marketing, and commercial management.


They are well qualified, highly professional staff whose experience combines a strong 'hands-on' involvement in science and technology projects with substantial responsibility in senior roles in industry and government agencies. 


Mar 30, 2020

New Ways of Working

Coronavirus COVID-19

Proneta has adopted a new way of working.  Instead of running FMECA workshops in our clients' premises, focused on round-table sessions with the expert team, we now operate entirely through video-conferencing.  Same people, but coming together through the internet.  No travel required, no meetings required.  Safety first.

The sessions are now planned differently, to make best use of video-conferencing.

We look forward to meeting you online - to discuss your requirements, for the technical liaison that is a crucial part of the preparation for FMECA, and for the FMECA workshop itself.

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